Energy Healing

From the potential energy of seeds in the spring, to the electrical energy in our cells that make it possible for us to move, think and feel, the effects of energy can be seen and experienced all around us. Living things absorb energy. Vegetation absorbs energy from the sun allowing the dormant plants to come alive. We absorb energy from those plants when we use them as food or firewood. 

We can also absorb the negative or difficult energies of a place, person or event. Marnie works to remove invasive energies that do not serve you or your goals and to soothe and calm the energy in your living or working spaces. These alternative and complementary healing techniques can ease pain, reduce stress, improve mood, boost the immune system and find solutions to new or recurring issues. 

When you decide to utilize this type of healing, contact her via email (marnie@marnieparrell. com) describing your issue, what you are experiencing and what you are looking to achieve. Marnie then sets an appointment to speak with you on the phone or via video chat to get more information, confirm your goals and outline what she will do and what you should expect. Sessions can then be conducted in person or remotely - where Marnie is in her studio and you are in your home or other space. 

This type of healing works beautifully with  yoga therapy, shamanic healing and western medical treatments.

Sessions range from $50 to $100. At least two sessions are typically recommended, although more or fewer may be necessary. 

Please note: while the distancing protocols of COVID-19 are in effect all sessions will be done remotely. Depending on the space to be cleared, and provided proper distancing protocols are observed, Marnie can do place healing sessions in person.