Private Individual and Group Classes

Marnie teaches private classes for individuals or groups, in her studio or at your location. Trained in Viniyoga, she believes if you can breathe you can do yoga. In her classes you will be encouraged to safely explore and experience a range of postures while gaining physical and mental strength and endurance. Her classes focus on correct alignment and injury prevention building flexibility, strength, and balance. No yoga experience or flexibility required. 

75 minute classes for individuals in her studio are $60. 90 minute classes are $75. Rates may increase if you prefer to use another studio or your office. Group rates are also available. Classes can be easily modified to suit your particular needs or goals. Contact her to book an appointment or with questions about her classes, or for classes supporting recovery. marnie@marnieparrell(dot)com 

Please note, while the bathroom and change room are on the same floor as the studio, there are six steps at the entrance to the building.


Flow 75 minutes

This class links the fluid physical motion of energetic yoga postures to the movement of the breath creating a sense of rhythm and flow. Perfect for building strength, gaining balance and allowing for the release of physical and emotional stress and tension. Including meditation, stretching, strength training, balance and abdominal work, this class can be adapted to accommodate physical restrictions or to meet the particular fitness needs and goals of each individual or group member.

Restorative 75 minutes

Reduce stress and enjoy rest, gentle stretching, and relaxation. Restorative yoga soothes the nervous system, supports immune function, calms the mind, improves mood, and promotes an increase in energy. Learn how to work with your breath to ease anxiety and calm your thoughts. Using a range of yoga props, Marnie will lead you through a series of knee friendly stretches and movements intended to release tight hips and shoulders, improve mobility, and relieve sore backs.

Flow and Restorative 90 minutes

This combination of energetic workout followed by gentle restorative postures, meditation and deep relaxation might be exactly what you need to improve muscle tone, strength and circulation while reducing the effects of stress, anxiety and depression.  Moving from a challenging and sweaty flow class to a calming, gentle restorative encourages positive adaptations by the body, prompting the release of endorphins while reducing cortisol, creating a calm and healthy balance of body and mind.